At Clarke’s of Bramfield, we pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we have across East Anglia with farmers and abattoirs that meet our high expectations, priding ourselves on working with traditional farms who seek out or breed their own well-bred livestock, grass-fed whenever possible, favour low-stocked, slowly-matured rearing and ensure they are properly-treated at the end from field to butcher’s block.

Our 50 years of experience have taught us how quality East Anglian meat needs to be produced, all determined by good breeding, locally-harvested feed, lush pasture and time on the farm, the careful handling at the abattoir and ultimately the proper hanging and expert cutting of the carcass here before it reaches our butchery counters and your shopping bag.

As farmers, butchers and lovers of good food when cooking or dining out, the Thickitt family appreciate the obligations your well-earned trust puts on us to consistently deliver the quality of meat expected.